HMRC Investigations

Investigations by HMRC are now unfortunately a fact of life for both individuals and businesses. The number of investigations into small businesses rose by 30% in 2013 and HMRC are targeting specific businesses particularly those where cash may form a large part of the business.

In 2013 HMRC raised £565m from investigations into small businesses and £609m from personal tax returns. They are checking the business records of 20,000 businesses every year.

We are able to help you if you are facing an investigation in areas such as:

  • Corporation tax
  • Self Assessment
  • Business Record Checks
  • VAT or PAYE compliance visits
  • Construction Industry Scheme disputes
  • Status Disputes
  • Inheritance Tax enquiries
  • Tax Credit enquiries
  • National Minimum Wage enquiries
  • Tax Credits
  • Special Civil Investigations

We are able to offer a Fee Protection Policy through Taxwise, which enables our clients to cover the cost of such investigations, subject to certain conditions. Please ask us for further details.