Corporate Tax

We are able to assist you with all aspects of company taxation, whether it is the calculation of your liabilities based on your Annual Accounts or more extensive planning procedures. We can advise you on the most tax efficient corporate structure for your business. We will ensure that you comply with your obligations as Company Directors under the Corporation Tax Self Assessment regime by assisting you in submitting your Returns on time and advising you of when payments are due.

Compliance with the increasing complexity of corporate tax compliance with its increased penalties for even simple errors means that companies need help to reduce the burden of tax administration. We are here to help you minimise this burden.

Our view is that effective and targeted tax advice and planning can not only reduce the compliance burden but make a positive impact on your profitability.

There are occasions when HM Revenue & Customs want to have a closer look into your affairs and we are here to assist you in any such investigations. Remember that an investigation can now be commenced on a “random” basis but that dealing with such enquiries can be long and complex. If you are facing such an investigation we can reduce the stress level for you by making dealing with the investigation as simple as possible.

We also offer a Fee Protection Scheme for our clients which, subject to certain conditions, covers the costs of an investigation. This also covers Status Enquiries under IR 35, Personal tax, VAT and PAYE as well as an Employment Helpline.